Poetry Wednesday?

Yeah, so normally I post these on Monday’s, and while I meant to do that, it completely slipped my mind. Guess that’s life. So enjoy Poetry Monday on hump day. Also, quick side note, I’ve been sitting on several poems for awhile, so get ready for a few new ones coming soon!

October 9, 2017

Nature’s Allure

I left my heart on the trail,
it was set beside Otter Creek beneath a leafy veil.

The mysterious music of the water allowed me to drink in the sweetness of solitude.

In any and all seasons,
I went there,
picking up my heart where I’d left it,
simply continuing on and dropping it still farther along each Friday morn.

Week after week, I watched the world wake up.

Later I would return to my heart’s other half,
the half that loves the knowledge passed through the ages.

For the philosophers and the mathematicians, my heart grew all the fonder.
Admittedly, I’d been betrothed to academia.
I hadn’t thought to divorce her, nor do I now.

Still, my heart is on the trail.
My magical mistress, if you will.
She beckons me with an alluring gaze.
Calls me with a siren song.
I feel I must pick up my heart, and carry it along.

It feels wrong, yet without it, life became stale. It has my heart. The Otter Creek Trail. Hidden beneath a leafy veil.


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