Poetry Monday

Sorry folks, but the weekend is over! You know what that means though, don’t you? Time for some more poetry! I was inspired last week while I was sitting at my desk, so I began to write the piece below, which I ended up finishing yesterday while watching one of my favorite films. There’s a couple different things going on in this poem. Interpret it for yourself though. I’d love to hear what meaning you read out of it, if any. So here goes,

January 28, 2018

To Lovers and Vagabonds

I must admit,
they were right.
We were wrong,
and now I sit.
Redemption Song.

My mind wanders from my task.
My shoulders tight.
The pitter-patter of keys,
the smile covered mask.
Let it all cease.

Distract me for a minute,
distract me all night.
Take me away,
the room dimly lit.
Here I’ll stay.

I wonder how it’s possible,
that I might,
have feelings so conflicted.
Feelings comparable,
to being afflicted.

The man in the box,
has taken flight.
He asks God above,
while the listener mocks,
“could you be loved?”

The audience of one,
has reason for this plight.
He feels cheated,
by the son,
that left him untreated.

He begs for illumination,
give him his sight.
He knows not where,
his satisfaction lies in rumination.
So he runs, here and there,

at least in his imagination.
He puts up a fight,
but only in his mind.
In ritual, he finds no satiation.
Into the Wild, this will he find.

His name is Alexander.
This change is his rite.
This first step to seeing.
This, we dare not slander.
This is truly being.


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