Poetry Monday

Good afternoon friends! I apologize that I didn’t share a poem last week. I decided to take a break, and I also decided that I wouldn’t tell you a thing. I have a new poem for you today though. I actually wrote it last Monday when I was scrambling to find something to post. This one was inspired by a podcast I was listening to that day. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

February 5, 2018

Ambiguous Loss

Ambiguous Loss,
coined by Dr. Pauline Boss.
I’ve know this loss.
I’ve known the cost.

It’s certainly worse than death.
I hang in uncertainty.
I’ve known this feeling.
I’ve known some healing.

Her psyche is absent.
Her soul trapped.
She’s known this feeling.
She’s known no healing.

Her son rejected her.
He struggles to speak.
She’s known this loss.
She’s known the cost.

“We live with grief,
we don’t get over it,
nor do we need to.”
There is no closure in this place.
Just the certainty of greater uncertainty in this space.

There is no prescribed solution.
No medication that can fix any of this.
Was it determined?
Was it random?

Asking these questions warrant anathema.
Asking these questions make many uncomfortable,
yet I ask them.
I will always ask them,

because this is ambiguous loss,
coined by Dr. Pauline Boss.
I’ve known this loss.
She’s known the cost.


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